Shasta Professional

” Really Committed to the Future of Redding”

The Shasta Professional Association (S.P.A.) is a group of local business people who prides itself in providing quality products and services to local patrons.

To provide a means of Exchanging Information on current business trends and conditions.
To promote the referral of Business Leads among members.
To encourage mutual Patronage and Promotion of other member’s businesses.
To provide a means of meeting, interfacing with and expanding member’s scopes of influence with other local business leaders.
To provide a forum in which its members may hear from topical speakers from a cross-section of business and government leaders.
Members meet once a week to share ideas on how to improve and and expand their businesses. Services are of high professional standards. We are proud of our members and would like you to review this list of businesses before making your next purchase.

The Shasta Professional Association Story
Established in 1981, the Shasta Professional Association is the area’s oldest and most respected leads group. The SPA offers membership to only one business from any particular category, thus giving exclusive opportunities.
Lunch meetings are held every Tuesday at 11:30am at the Riverview Golf and Country Club. Guests are welcome when accompanied by a member.

What is a Leads Group?

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