First Steps toward Mobile Trading

Mobile applications equalize access to trading all over the world. A person no longer needs to travel to one of the financial capitals of the world to trade currencies, stocks, metals, or other assets on the leading exchanges. And even trading education has been democratized because the best online brokers provide fundamental learning materials online. By downloading the MobileTrader: Online Trading app to your phone, you can simultaneously trade and deepen your knowledge of effective trading strategies.

What to Consider When Starting Trading

To begin trading currency pairs on Forex or other assets on exchanges, you need to decide on several important points:

  • Choose a broker with a good reputation and a fully functional mobile application
  • Learn the nuances of trading terminals offered by the broker
  • Choose the type of account from which you will start trading
  • Decide on the trading instruments in which you are going to invest in the first stages of your trading practice

About the Benefits of a Demo Account for Trading

The best brokers offer their users the possibility of a free training period when trading any asset. By downloading the MobileTrader: Online Trading app by RoboForex, you can immediately start Forex trading after registration. However, if your experience is still insufficient to make successful deals without serious losses, it is better to open a demo account first:

  • The broker opens and maintains it without charging any commissions.
  • On a demo account, you can test all trading terminals offered by RoboForex.
  • The same trading instruments are available both for a demo account and for a real account.
  • You will be able to try any trading strategies using the proposed tools without any financial costs.

R MobileTrader Is Portable Terminal in Your Pocket

The trading application from RoboForex provides the broker’s clients with full functionality for successful trading:

  • Analytics from the best experts
  • 13 effective technical indicators
  • The ability to create multiple accounts and easily switch between them
  • Financial news in real-time
  • Instant replenishment of the account directly from the terminal
  • Quick and easy communication with the support service

How to Open Orders with R MobileTrader

Simplicity and ease of trading were among the main tasks of the application developers. Therefore, any order can be made in just a couple of clicks. To make your first trade, follow several easy steps:

  • Deposit $10 or more in your RoboForex account
  • Select a market, for example, Forex
  • Decide on the currency pair you will trade
  • Press the “New Order” button to enter transaction details such as volume and order level
  • For the terminal to accept the order for execution, click on the type of operation: sell or buy

When you master the simplest trading strategies on the exchanges and make tangible profits, your self-confidence will increase. After that, you can start using the leverage offered by the broker. You can refer to this practice from the very beginning, but for beginners, the risks of loss are quite high. It is better to master the basic practices first. That will make the use of leverage safe. Details about using leverage and other tools can be found in numerous educational materials that RoboForex offers to its clients.

First Steps toward Mobile Trading

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